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About Battle Mines

Battle Mines is a post-apocalyptic empire building strategy game, played alongside your friends and many other players.

You are the ruler of a hardy band of survivors. Together you gather food and resources to rebuild civilization.

At the heart of your empire, surrounded by its powerful city and bountiful land, rests your mighty battle mine.

What is a battle mine you ask?  Something like a cross between these two bad boys:

A huge mobile construction, digging, and battle platform; a giant tank with covered in guns, drills and cranes.

Battle Mines features:
  • Detailed MMO universe full of building, combat and espionage
  • Gripping environment and a memorable cast of characters
  • Achievement, exploration, social and conflict-based goals
  • Realistic player-driven micro and macroeconomic systems
  • Play online in minutes a day, be entertained for months
Check out some screenshots

Here I am presenting Battle Mines at the Full Indie meetup in Vancouver, July 23rd, 2013

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